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Making History

In 2007 Blake Cathey made history when he became the fourth PGA professional to become certified in all six career paths of the PGA. In an interview with PGA Magazine Blake was asked why this became a goal for him and his answer was:

“I have always used education as a foundation to build upon. Growing up my parents set a wonderful example of how to use education as a way to better your opportunities. I simply followed in their footsteps. When I became an apprentice I was 1 of 28,000. Then I became a Class A PGA professional and I was 1 of about 17,000. The PGA of America then rolled out a continuing education program that would lead to Certification in 1 of 6 career paths. When it was all said and done I was certified in all 6 career paths and had become 1 of 4 and in the process I made history.”

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